Sustainability & giving back, how we make a difference.

We go to work every day to do things right. That’s why our Corporate Social Responsibility pillars are central to everything we do.


We consider the environmental footprint of our products throughout our design process.

We design products that can be:

Reusable to be kept & valued
Recyclable through curb side collections
Responsible making better choices through sustainable material selection.

Design considerations include minimising plastic and single use packaging as well as promoting reusability.


Best practice factory selection and accreditation gives us ongoing visibility, ensuring an ethical supply chain.

We consider the impact of our decisions on staff, customers, suppliers, community and the environment. We strive to create strong partnerships through ongoing training and team workshops.

Giving Back

We proudly work with a number of local community and global charities, making financial and in-kind donations.

Our staff are encouraged to participate in two paid company volunteer days each year.